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Hi, my name is Joonas Toivonen. I've been producing electronic music and digital art since late '90s. I started in tracker music scene and have since been creating music, visual art, live performances and installations. I've been mostly drawn to glitch art, misbehaving vector graphics, broken 3d and generative & AI assisted/generated art. I've been promoting and organizing related events in Finland for 20 years with SWÄG, a nonprofit art, music and tech organization. I usually work with code and software such as Touchdesigner, Blender, Tidalcycles, Three.js, p5.js etc.

Contact///// eritoim at gmail dot com // discord/ toiminto#9086





AUGMENTED SEQUENCE / Ropsten test mints 1-10.

Debuts on artblocks.io on 13th of October, 11am CT / 4pm UTC

View all the Ropsten test mints.

Simple shapes generate complex and chaotic snapshots of a larger form, still image with a sense of rapid motion going through repetitive sequencing of parametrized mathematical functions, rotations and placement of objects. The parameters for sequence attributes, shapes, lighting, materials and colors are driven by the hash of the minting transaction, producing unique and surprising results.

Augmented Sequence is a static piece, with it I wanted to capture the rapid and chaotic motion and the strong colors I use in my VJ/installation work and bring that aesthetic to a large print. There is a strong, almost synesthetic connection between the music I was working on at the time and Augmented Sequence

Recent p5.js generative work


Stills from a realtime procedural A/V live, 2021

Excerpts from SUBLIMINAL (2018) with Marko Vierimaa, a video art piece for Lux Helsinki 2018 light art festival

Tidalcycles & Hydra

A/V live @SWGbbo Algorave. Touchdesigner & Tidalcycles

SPRING FRACTURE (2020) / Still images from realtime visuals for a live A/V performance

FORCES (2018) with Marko Vierimaa. A fulldome audiovisual live performance, performed at Heureka Soundwave event.

Joonas Toivonen & Marko Vierimaa / SWÄG - IMAGINARY MAPPINGS - Faux 3D mapping onto a flat surface with printed outlines. Presented first time at Lux Helsinki 2017 light art festival.